• Image of Not my Circus
  • Image of Not my Circus

Okay, we’ve all been in a situation where we can see things getting out of control and we decide that it isn't worth the effort to help improved the chaos. Sorry, not my problem ;)

Next time a co-worker screeches into your office and says "the entire west-coast just went dark", or "Did you hear? The boss is having an affair with someone in the mailroom?" you can point to this limited edition poster and keep working on the final touches of your resume.

Letterpress printed using a VandercookSP15 proof press, hand-cranked, one pass at a time. Prints are on Strathmore acid-free card stock - some are natural white, some are bright-whit, using Caligo safe-wash inks. Wood type is hand-inked, mixing 3 colours at a time ensure each one is different. Original lion-carved illustration.

Approx 12" x 18"


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